Pace University student athletes march in honor of Black football player shot by police in 2010

Hundreds of Pace University student athletes took to the streets Sunday afternoon for a peaceful protest.
The students say they are demanding justice for an unarmed Black Pace University football player who was shot by a white police officer 10 years ago.

They marched from the campus to the Thornwood Plaza, where former Setters football player Danroy "DJ" Henry was fatally shot outside a bar by a Pleasantville police officer in October 2010.
The officer was hit by a car Henry was driving and fired his gun through the windshield. The officer was never charged.
"All week long we saw professional athletes coming together to shed light on police brutality and social injustice in America, so we're just doing our part as athletes here at Pace," says student-athlete Carlton Aiken. "He is one of us, he wore the same clothes as me, he's a fellow athlete, and I just want to make sure that no one forgets who he is."
Student-athlete Naya Rivera says, "It's deep and it hits hard, and he was a student athlete just like me, just like my peers, my friends..."
The group marched one team at a time, making sure to keep their groups small. The protest ended with a moment of silence for Henry.
"Even though it has been 10 years, we see the same issues happening every day, so until there's a day where we can look back and say these things aren't happening anymore, than we can't stop," Rivera says.