4-year-old's killer gets maximum penalty

The man convicted of beating a 4-year-old boy to death received the maximum prison sentence for his crime Thursday. Jose Calderon, convicted of beating Quachan Brown, will serve five to 15 years in prison. Brown's 12-year-old sister told the judge she didn't get the chance to say goodbye to her brother as family members pleaded at the sentencing for a harsh penalty.
The 20-year-old Bronx man was convicted of second-degree manslaughter earlier this month. Calderon was convicted of beating the child with his hands, a belt and a plastic bat.
Though he received the maximum penalty for his conviction, Calderon was able to avoid a longer sentence when he was acquitted of murder and first-degree manslaughter charges.
The boy's mother is also currently incarcerated for manslaughter charges. Calderon's attorneys had argued the woman played a bigger part in the child's death in an attempt for a reduced sentence.
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