7 months later: Washington, D.C. family reunited with dog found in Orange County

A Washington, D.C. family finally got to hug their dog again for the first time in seven months after it was found in Orange County.
The owner of Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery followed tracks and found the dog in a barn, and lured him into a trap with a rotisserie chicken.
Rescuers were able to get in touch with his family who say "Teddy" ran all the way from Pennsylvania, when he got away from them on a trip, seven months ago. That's about 80 miles.
"This poor baby was in the freezing cold for so long and then the heat in the summertime so for him to be in a warm bed last night…it's such a blessing and such a miracle," says Lucy Evans, who had spotted him on his travels.
Teddy was skinny and limping so a vet checked him out. He's already beat the odds once before this because his family adopted him from a kill shelter in California without ever having met him.