8-year-old girl ambassador for Maria Fareri Children's Hospital's 'Go The Distance' virtual walk

An 8-year-old girl is the ambassador for this year's Maria Fareri Children's Hospital's "Go the Distance" virtual walk.
Camryn Kellam, of Fishkill, has interests like most girls, but she has endured more than those three times her age.
Long before she was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease in 2020, which impacts the brain's blood vessels, she was diagnosed with sickle cell disease at just a few weeks old.
It's something the CDC estimates affects about 100,000 Americans.
The genetic blood disorder that she inherited from her parents meant the Kellam family had to be extra careful to avoid their daughter being in pain or even damage her organs.
In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, she went through a successful bone marrow transplant at Maria Fareri's Children's Hospital - all thanks to her sister being a perfect donor match.
"I can confidently ensure you she is cured of sickle cell disease," says Mitchell Cairo, of Maria Fareri Children's Hospital.
Cairo, who is the chief of Pediatric Hematology at the hospital, says while not everyone can be cured, but they have trials underway to change that.
"So, this has been a dramatic experience for the families but also the caregivers, being able to see them live life in a way they could never envision would happen," said Cairo.
The "Go the Distance" walk runs through Nov. 7.