9 ways to save on your monthly cellphone bills

With unemployment at an all-time high due to coronavirus, many people are looking for ways to cut back spending and save money. Monthly cellphone bills can get pretty expensive, but Clark.com found nine ways to save some money. 
1) Switch to a new cell phone carrier:  The website says Verizon and AT&T may be expensive and the leading cellphone provider's own discount brands like Visible, Cricket Wireless and Metro by T- Mobile use the same towers and charge lower monthly fees. They also have relationships with other low-cost cellphone providers like prepaid carriers.
2) Find a new plan with your existing provider. There are various plans at different rates that may be suitable for your phone usage.
3) Shop for phone deals: Look on eBay for sellers who have a good positive feedback score.  Make sure the phone comes with a warranty and a good return policy. Also, don't buy a new phone the week it comes out.  If you wait a month, it could be cheaper. You can also turn in your old, working phone to your wireless provider, and they may give you money toward your bill or cash back.
4) Keep your phone longer: Your phone can last a few years, and upgrading to a new phone may result in monthly fees to pay it off.  The fees could last for two years. 
5) Join a family plan: Family plans tend to be cheaper than having the service on your own. 
6) Sign up for autopay: If you sign for an autopay with your carrier, you can get a small monthly discount. 
7) See if you qualify for a special discount: The major wireless companies may offer special deals for seniors, teachers, group affiliations and members of the military.
8) Buy a phone case: This can protect your phone from damage and help to ensure that you don't have to buy a new one. 
9) Get free cellphone insurance: Some people can get free coverage by using a credit card to pay their cellphone bill.  Free cellphone insurance is offering on more than a dozen cards so check your credit card company.