Forgotten no more: Remains of 23 American veterans laid to rest in New Jersey

A ceremony was held on Wednesday to lay to rest the remains of 23 American veterans.
The cremated remains of the veterans, some going back as far as World War I, were left on shelves inside funeral homes for decades.
“The standard phrase ‘No one left behind’ is accepted by all veterans and all military members. So when we found out these people were left behind, it was our duty to give them a property burial,” says Vietnam War veteran and former POW David Drummond.
The Vietnam Veterans of America legally took possession of the remains of the 23 veterans and two of their spouses. With the help of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office and local police departments, the soldiers were given a full military send-off.
“A veteran is a veteran. Whatever war it was, he earned the title and every veteran deserves to be buried or interred with military honors,” says Vietnam Veterans of America’s Rich Gough.
The remains will be interred at the Brig. General William C. Doyle Memorial Cemetery near Wrightstown.
Since the local chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America began honoring forgotten soldiers, they say this is the largest burial at one time. Last year's services were postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.