A HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Disabled Westchester vet in desperate need of housing

A disabled Westchester veteran who is on the brink of homelessness Turned To Tara in search of a holiday miracle.
Joe Frattarola is a security guard at Westchester Medical Center who fell on tough times earlier this year after a health emergency left him with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical debt.
When he returned from the hospital, he found out his landlord was selling the home where he lived with his wife for the past 20 years. He has until the end of January to find a new home.
He says he hasn't been able to find another affordable option, and help has been hard to come by.
Frattarola told News 12 he tried reaching out to Catholic Charities, the Labor Department and the VA but was told he makes just enough money at his job working security at the Westchester Medical Center to not qualify for most available assistance programs.
"You were kind of my last resort," he said to News 12's Tara Rosenblum. "I just need one person."
The Turn To Tara team is in the process of reaching out to several state and federal agencies. Frattarola hopes that someone watching his story might come to his aid.
A GoFundMe was created to help Frattarola find a home. If you would like to donate, follow this link.