April 2020: 13 at-home weather lessons from News 12's Sam Augeri

As we all practice social distancing, many are looking for fun and engaging things to do and learn. Well, why not learn about the weather!
News 12's Sam Augeri, who is also working from home, has some great weather lessons for you and the kids!
Here are 13 lessons from April 2020!
Lesson 1: An overview of weather

Lesson 2: The Four Seasons

Lesson 3 - Clouds

Lesson 4: Moon Phases

Lesson 5: Different types of air masses 

Lesson 6: Weather fronts

Lesson 7: Thunderstorms

Lesson 8 - Tornadoes

Lesson 9 - Hurricanes

Lesson 10 - Planet Earth

Lesson 11 - Blizzards

Lesson 12 - Rainbows 

Lesson 13 - Weather Instruments - make your rain gauge
Check back for more lessons next week!