Artist uses drones to showcase NYC beyond Manhattan

A photographer is showing off the beauty of New York from high above.
Victor Chu uses a drone to take pictures from the skies. This aerial filmmaker and photographer shows off landmarks in all five boroughs of New York City. Some of his Bronx locations include City Island, Orchard Beach and Mott Haven; his Brooklyn locations include Coney Island and the borough's bridges.
Chu was born in Brooklyn, but he has lived most of his life in the Bronx. His work with drones and photography started as a demo reel for his website, but it soon grew. He discovered that most of the drone photography of the city focuses on Manhattan.
"I want to show New Yorkers and tourists that there is more to New York than just Manhattan," says Chu.
Chu's work has been entered into the first ever New York City Drone Film Festival. It took him six months to capture about 15 hours of aerial footage.
Chu, who believes drones provide a unique, bird's-eye view for artists like himself, plans to start filming the entire Bronx from above.