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Assemblyman facing calls to resign, accused of hyping up pro-Trump protesters

Republican Assemblyman Colin Schmitt is accused of hyping up pro-Trump protesters, ahead of Wednesday’s violence.

News 12 Staff

Jan 7, 2021, 11:26 PM

Updated 1,285 days ago


A state assemblyman in Orange County is facing intense criticism and calls to resign after he was photographed talking to a group of D.C.-bound protesters ahead of the deadly riots. 
Republican Assemblyman Colin Schmitt is accused of hyping up pro-Trump protesters, ahead of Wednesday’s violence. 
Schmitt is now firing back, saying the faith-based group he spoke to is being mischaracterized by Democrats and critics.  
News 12 met with Schmitt Thursday, and some of the people on board that bus, at his district office in Washingtonville. 
“Take a look at these men and women. They are your neighbors. And they are owed an apology for the attacks on me and the attacks on them," he said.
Orange County Democratic Party Chair Brett Broge disagrees and says Schmitt should be held accountable for “feeding the frenzy.” 
Schmitt says the group he spoke to were not part of the violence, which he condemns, and says he has no plans to resign. 
Since the backlash, he says his office has received at least one credible threat, requiring police involvement and extra security precautions. 

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