Assemblyman Schmitt backs growing calls for schools to fully reopen

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt is joining the mounting number of parents pushing for schools to fully reopen.
"Our kids need to get back to school, they need to be present -- in-person, five-days-a-week education," he says.
His move follows a recent CDC guidance saying, "It is critical for schools to reopen and remain open... to achieve the benefits of in-person learning."
Reopening protocols include universal face masks, enforcing proper hygiene and handwashing, and regularly sanitizing buildings.
"Really nothing that's egregious in there that cannot be accomplished. Actually, the CDC director herself stated there's a bigger risk of spread in communities where schools are closed than communities where schools are open," says Schmitt.
Most schools are still hybrid, including the East Ramapo Central School District.
The interim Superintendent Dr. Ray Giamartino says they're working on bringing students back full time. He says the planning takes a couple of weeks.
"The best learning happens with their teachers in the classrooms, but we are working on a transition plan that brings students back into our schools," he says.