Autumn colors are busting out all over at Pierson's Farm in Otisville

'Tis the season for fall activities and what better place for an autumn Road Trip: Close to Home than Pierson's Farm in Otisville.
Pierson’s Farm was settled in 1790 and there have been eight generations of family working the land.
First, check out the pumpkin patches and find the perfect pumpkin. You can find anything from these bright plump spheres to uniquely shaped gourds. And if you’re lucky — you might find a rare blue pumpkin!
Then get lost in one of the corn mazes, including a special one that’s carved out to shape a childhood photo of the farm’s owner. Walk through meandering paths with corn stalks towering over you.
And once you make it out — stop and smell the flowers — the sunflowers that is! The vibrant colors are bound to brighten up anyone’s day.
There is also a special playground just for kids. From slides to duck races-the fun never seems to end. “We open it up to families to come in and just have a good wholesome time. It’s just as easy-going and as natural as we can make it,” says Jackie Pierson, of Pierson’s Farm.
And treasure hunters, the newest attraction is just for you! Sift through a bag of rough and take a handful of Pierson's farm home with you. “It has all these gems in it, Stones, shark teeth, emeralds. We have all sorts of activities to keep you guys occupied to get out in nature and to enjoy yourselves on a working farm,” says Pierson.