Baby Yoda toys to hit shelves ... but not in time for Christmas

He's taken the world by storm over the last month, and now you'll be able to have him in your home - next year.
Disney's online store is accepting preorders on Baby Yoda toys, including an 11-inch plush doll and two Funko Pops.
The 11-inch plush doll based on the "The Mandalorian" character will cost $24.99, while a smaller Funko Pop will run $12.99 and a larger size costs $29.99.
There is one catch -- don't expect them in time to give as Christmas gifts. They won't ship until the spring.
Baby Yoda is the nickname fans have given the Disney+ series' breakout character, who is officially named "The Child."
It hasn't been revealed yet if he is related the the original Yoda.