Bad PlayStation name for life? Sony to launch long-awaited fix

The creation of any username online has always been a hit-or-miss task. But most of the time, if you miss – you get a second chance.
That wasn’t the case for PlayStation users when it launched its PlayStation Network (PSN) in 2006. Some users learned the hard way that they only had one chance to get it right for a lifetime of online gaming. Online IDs were not able to be altered…for life.
So if you were feeling lame that day, or made a typo, or were 9 years old at the time – you were stuck playing games under a dumb persona that was either cringeworthy or made no sense.
(Full disclosure: The writer of this post had the America Online screenname “Bobonator1” for more than 20 years. I owned it.) 
After years of pleading and begging, PSN announced Wednesday that it will soon begin testing a feature that will allow users to change their online ID from their PlayStation 4 system.
It will undergo beta testing first, then be available to all registered users “as early as 2019” Sony confirmed.
So, to TopDawg2007 and AngryBird45 (made up names), your date with deliverance is soon coming.
More details about the changes can be found at Playstation.Blog.