Belmont Avenue residents say sinkhole from February still not fixed

A superintendent of a Tremont apartment building says a sinkhole has been on his street since February.
The hole is located near 2023 Belmont Ave.
Tony Pizzaro says he made calls to the Department of Environmental Protection a number of times, but the sinkhole has not been fixed.
"They came out and nothing's been done," he says. "All they do is write down and say, 'Yeah, we're gonna send another crew,' and that already happened three times."
One resident says she witnessed a man back his car into the sinkhole one night and hit his chin on the steering wheel.
Pizzaro says not only has the hole become a safety issue, but it's also an eyesore as people are throwing their garbage in it.
He adds that while he's waiting for the DEP to fill the hole, there are other small holes in the area that also need their attention
News 12 reached out to the DEP. A spokesperson has asked for a picture of the sinkhole