Bet Torah and Mount Kisco Hebrew Congregation host vigil for Hamas hostages

A group marched from Bet Torah Synagogue to Mount Kisco's Village Hall for a vigil supporting the hostages that were taken by Hamas.
"We stand on these steps, for the over 200, and we say, 'Bring them home,” said Rabbi Aaron Brusso, of Bet Torah.
Despite the rain, many supporters showed up with their umbrellas to hold posters of the hostages.
"Even the pouring rain can't keep us from doing what we know is right," said Joan Kleinman. "Which is to be there for Israel."
At times, people got emotional as teens from Bet Torah, like Jesse Raboy, read the names of some hostages out loud.
Raboy said he felt inclined to show support for other young Jewish people in mourning.
"A lot of my fellow young people aren't as educated on a lot of issues, and I want to make sure that my peers grow up to be active in their communities," said Raboy.
Members of Mount Kisco's interfaith community also showed up to stand in solidarity with the Jewish community.
"We're friends. Love binds us together," said Rev. Merle McJunkin, of Antioch Baptist Church.