Blaze tears through Kingsbridge apartments

A fire swept through a Kingsbridge Terrace apartment Thursday morning, leaving broken windows, soot and debris in its wake.
Residents evacuated the building after an apartment on the sixth floor caught fire. Investigators are uncertain how the blaze began in apartment 6C, but said its results were clear.
?This is very damaged ? it?s not going to be fixed any time soon,? Yeniset Estrella, who lives on the damaged floor, says.
Firefighters had to cut holes into ceilings and broke windows to filter out the smoke.
?The building is structurally safe, yes. It?s just that there is some ? window damage, there?s damage on the roof,? says FDNY Capt. John Sullivan.
While the building has been deemed safe, residents say they don?t plan on spending the Fourth of July weekend there.