Bronx 5-year-old wanders off from P.S. 61 in Crotona Park East

A Bronx 5-year-old boy was found several blocks from his school Wednesday after he wandered off the campus.
Tanya Seguinot says 15 minutes after she dropped her son off at P.S. 61 in Crotona Park East, her sister called to say the boy was found crossing the middle of a street. According to the boy, he was looking for his mother?s car and exited the building through an unattended side door. The boy was able to walk down the street and across Boston Road when a parent found him.
Seguinot says she did not take the boy to his class line because of a P.S. 61 drop-off policy. According to school officials, the side door was accidentally left unlocked. School officials add that the crossing guard didn?t come in to work, which is why no one spotted the 5-year-old. The Department of Education says the incident should not have happened and the principal is looking into the matter.