Bronx blaze claims the life of 25-year-old firefighter from Sleepy Hollow

Friends and family are mourning the loss of a New York City firefighter from Sleepy Hollow Monday.Michael Reilly, 25, and four other firefighters were trapped when the floor of a burning 99-cent store in the Bronx collapsed Sunday. Three of the firefighters were able to escape, but Reilly did not make it out alive. FDNY Lt. Howard Carpluk, of Long Island, also died from his injuries. Authorities say Reilly was a rookie with four months on the job, but he served in Iraq before joining the FDNY.Reilly lived with friends in an apartment on North Broadway, right across from Sleepy Hollow High School. His landlord says he was a charming young man who was always willing to help out when needed. Reilly leaves behind his mother, father, sister and brother.