Bronx car wash employees confront owners of K and P Car Wash

Workers at a Bronx car wash confronted their employer today over what they claim are unfair working conditions.
The car wash employees were joined by City Council Member Ritchie Torres and state Sen. Gustavo Rivera while confronting owners of K and P Car Wash. Workers claim they are subject to intimidation and harassment, especially if they consider unionizing.
Both Torres and Rivera say the car wash owners are breaking the law if they are doing what employees claim they are.
The Association of Car Wash Owners released a statement to News 12 The Bronx saying, "Once again, the union and political allies are using tactics of intimidation against workers and car wash owners instead of allowing long-established National Labor Relations Board procedures for such situations to move forward."
Torres and Rivera say legal action will be taken if any owner is found breaking the law against car wash employees.