Bronx crane victim's family seeks answers from city

The family of a Bronx construction worker killed in a crane accident arrived Thursday from Kosovo seeking answers from the city.
Ramadan Kurtaj died in May after a construction crane collapsed on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Members of his family, brothers Zeke and Mujo Kurtaj and a cousin, Xhevahire Sinana, say they still don't understand how Ramadan died. They plan to file a lawsuit against the city within the next 30 days.
A preliminary investigation into the accident found that the crane's turntable was damaged at another project, improperly welded and then used again.
"It's beyond belief that this crane could've been put back into service with this kind of catastrophic failure," says lawyer Susan Kartan, who is representing the Kurtaj family.
The Manhattan District Attorney's Office declined to comment on its investigation into the crane collapse, saying it was ongoing.