Bronx leaders call for park next to Jerome Park Reservoir

A push to beautify the Bronx has the community teaming up to transform the secluded area around the Jerome Park Reservoir.
Sen. Jeff Klein and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. joined Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz on Wednesday to talk about two new bills. The bills call for the land surrounding the Jerome Park Reservoir to become a park.
The perimeter of the reservoir is caged off from the public and currently owned by the Department of Environmental Protection. Large fences surround the waters and obstruct views of the waterfront.
Officials in favor of the proposal look to Manhattan. They say that if Central Park can have a reservoir and plenty of adjacent park land, they should at Jerome as well.
According to legislators, the DEP has denied the community access to the area for years. They are confident that this time will be different.
If successful, Jerome Park could house urban wildlife, a nature sanctuary, parks and perhaps even water sports.
Lawmakers believe that if a deal gets done, a full-functioning park could be completed by 2019.