Bronx officials calling for surveillance cameras in all public housing buildings citywide

In the wake of the stabbings of two children in Brooklyn, the mayor and Bronx officials are vowing to do whatever it takes to get surveillance cameras in all public housing buildings.
Statistics show that last year, crime was up by 7 percent in housing units, while crime citywide was at a historic low. Local leaders like Councilman Ritchie Torres say there are no mandatory city funding requirements for surveillance camera installation. Leaders are now urging the city to allocate funding equally across public housing units in all five boroughs for the technology.
"Every police officer will tell you the presence of a camera is better than the absence of one," says Councilman Torres. "It improves the ability to solve crime, respond to crime, prevent crime and the tenants feel safer."
At the Parkside Houses, residents say they have been living in fear day and night because there are no security cameras. Councilman Torres says he plans to put security cameras in place there, but that he really hopes to see the same citywide in hopes of reducing crime and making housing residents feel safer in their homes.