Bronx residents feel Espada backstabbed them

Constituents who feel they?ve been stabbed in the back by Sen. Pedro Espada for his decision to side with Republicans in Albany protested Friday in the Bronx.
Bronx residents gathered outside of 400 East Fordham Road to protest the senator?s decision to switch parties. With legislation to protect rent controlled apartments now at a standstill, they say Espada, who is chairman of the Senate Committee on Housing, has failed to represent Latino interests, while only advancing his own. They add that his choice to side with the GOP will have a direct impact on affordable housing in the borough.
Protesters displayed Espada?s face all over protest signs with horns on his head and the word ?liar? stamped next to his face.
The protesting constituents claim that once Espada is up for re-election in 2010, they?ll make sure he doesn?t hold his office.