Bronx travelers grounded in wake of U.K. terrorist plot

A foiled terrorist plot to blow up U.S.-bound planes led to lengthy delays and costly property loss for Bronx travelers at airports Thursday.
British authorities arrested 24 suspects Thursday. Security was stepped up to the highest level for some flights at New York City?s LaGuardia and JFK Airports. Passengers waited for hours in lines that wrapped around check-in counters while other flights were canceled. Travelers were forced to throw out common items like perfume, makeup, hair gel, lotion, toothpaste, beverages and other liquids. It is unclear how long the security precaution will last. While some passengers say they understand the need for heightened security, others feel violated.
Intelligence officials say the suspects planned to smuggle explosive liquids and materials on to planes and then detonate them with electronic devices, like cell phones and cameras. Authorities say the terror suspects were going to have a dry-run within days before boarding at least 10 planes in the U.K.
British intelligence investigated the plot for several months and was assisted by Pakistani authorities. Officials say an Islamic militant, who was captured in the Middle East, also provided a valuable lead.
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