Bronx woman helps kids at home, abroad

A Bronx woman who has dedicated her life to helping kids is turning her attention to the children of Ghana.
For the past five years, Suzanne Axelbank has worked to keep little ones happy at Someplace Special in the Bronx by serving up haircuts with fun. Axelbank's shop, at 490 W. 238th St., offers an array of toys and video games to keep kids busy while they await a haircut.
But now Axelbank says she's decided to turn her sights abroad.
"I think all children in the world deserve to have lives that are good," she says. "That they don't have to be afraid. That they don't have to go to sleep crying."
Axelbank has so far raised hundreds of dollars to send toys to children in Ghana who are former child slaves. Axelbank says a child named Welcome motivated her to sell bracelets with his name on them to raise funds.
The stories of children such as Welcome led Axelbank to enter a contest that aims to make the world more fun. The prize is $10,000 worth of toys, supplies and clothes.