Bronxville restaurant hires Afghan refugees seeking employment in US

Afghan refugees settling in the U.S. are now entering the workforce - including at one Bronxville restaurant.
La Casa Bronxville owner Spencer Pingel hired three refugees and says the language barrier, among other things, has been a challenge.
He says after learning there was a need to employ refugees in Westchester, he took a chance and it paid off.
"They've been great, very reliable, very professional, very enthusiastic," Pingel says.
Nejatullah, one of the new hires, says he learned English by watching American movies. He says he never dreamed he'd be putting his English to use until August, when U.S. withdrew troops from Afghanistan.
Nejatullah says his family was among those lucky enough to be airlifted to the U.S. He now works part time at La Casa Bronxville as he continues his education.
"I want to become a nurse, it's my ambition," he says.
The refugees found housing and work with the help of Westchester-based Hearts and Homes for Refugees.