Brooklyn-based tattoo artist offering art students nearly $20,000 in prizes

One Brooklyn-based tattoo artist is putting his ink to good use by giving nearly $20,000 of his hard-earned money in prizes to art students worldwide. 
Shaun Parker hopes this will encourage them to jump into the art industry. 
“I’m getting older and have tons of skills, so let me just give it to the community,” said Parker. Some consider Parker as one of Brooklyn’s most popular tattoo artists. 
Over the last 15 years, he’s done thousands of tattoos and now is teaching young artists how to make their mark in the art industry. 
“I will show them some ways of how they can start building their portfolios for future businesses and crafts for their own business,” said Parker. 
The prizes range from a MacBook, a new motorcycle, $1,000 in cash and art supplies. 
He says sports gives kids a competitive edge and that there’s no reason art shouldn’t, either. Art submissions are being accepted until March 1.