Burning question: Will Nyack opt out of retail cannabis dispensaries and lounges?

Municipalities have until the end of the year to decide if they want to opt out of retail cannabis dispensaries and lounges.
The latest village looking into the burning question is Nyack.
"We're looking at what other municipalities - what they're choosing and why, so we can make a really good choice," says Nyack Mayor Don Hammond.
At last week's public hearing, many residents seemed to support marijuana businesses moving into the village - as did people News 12 asked to weigh in on Monday.
Localities that opt in receive a 4% tax on the retail sales, with 1% going to the county and 3% to the village or town. If a village opts out, it will get no tax revenue.
The mayor says as of now they're leaning toward opting in for cannabis dispensaries and opting out of smoke lounges.
"If you opt out, you can always opt back in. Some of the thinking is get our zoning in place and then opt back in until we have a plan in place," says Hammond.
They encourage the public to weigh in at their next public hearing Nov. 18.