Bus cuts force Bronx parents to commute to school with their kids

Setting the alarm clock a little earlier is something one Bronx family is getting used to now that it lost its school bus service. The walk to the bus stop for Gloria Villatoro and her sons used to be less than a block, now it?s nearly half a mile. Since the Department of Education cut bus service, the boys must use public transportation to get to school. Villatoro said she received a letter informing her about the cuts and was also told that her children would each receive a MetroCard. The MetroCard, however, only pays for half the commute. Villatoro is responsible for the other $4 a day.Villatoro says school officials at P.S. 218 have sympathized with parents who now have to commute with their children. She was told that unless the Department of Education changes its policy, nothing can be done.