Business owners in Mamaroneck excited, relieved as NY preps to lift its capacity restrictions

New York state is preparing to lift its capacity restrictions.
It's a move that Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday, and it's scheduled to happen in just 16 days.
Business owners in Mamaroneck say they are excited and relieved.
It's been a tough year for people running the shops and restaurants on Mamaroneck Avenue - and to be able to have more customers is a game-changer.
Starting May 19, most business capacities will be lifted.
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The only rule is that customers must be 6 feet apart.
This new distance-based limit will take effect in most places, including barbershops and salons, gyms, retail stores, and restaurants.
The staff at Hash-O-Nash say this is such a weight off their shoulders.
Even though they felt like there were practically no customers inside, they still had to turn people away.
'Well, just being able to legally actually have more people in the restaurant is obviously going to help. For instance, I think it's 40 or 50% now. It's obviously not good for business. We're not able to have more tables, we're not able to have more people come in, but it's going to be great," says Hash-O-Nash floor manager Tamer Abdalla.