Camera stream gives live look of early voting lines in Peekskill

A Peekskill security company has installed hundreds of cameras across the city of Peekskill, but maybe none more important than one they put in recently.
Mike Ford with Linked-Up Security recently launched which gives a live look at the early voting line.
The camera feed is a security camera that Ford installed inside his brother's apartment.
They turned it around to help make the process of waiting to cast a ballot a bit easier. "Everybody has the right to vote, but not everybody can stand outside in the cold for an hour or 45 minutes, so I figured this was just a nice, simple, and really no cost on my part, and fun way to kind of help the community," says Ford.
The feed saw more than 500 unique visitors on its first day alone. Lines to vote early in Peekskill were already building hours before the polls opened.