Camp seeking new location after advertising entry only to unvaccinated children, staffers

A summer camp in Sullivan County advertised that only children and staff who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 could attend.
Naftali Schwartz, director of Camp Hikon, said that campers and staff they are accepting for this season and opening year in Livingston Manor include unvaccinated people only.
The camp cited unfounded concerns with the vaccine. 

"These vaccinated people are shedding a toxin. The spike proteins are a toxin. So we are just saying – stay away," says Schwartz.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said he plans on banning camps that encourage enrollment based on vaccination status.
"We cannot be in a situation where people are encouraged not to get a vaccine," said Cuomo.
The camp's director says more than 100 boys are already booked, but that because of political backlash, they're now looking for a new location out of state.
"Gov. Cuomo decided to cast this as an issue as if we are discriminating against vaccinated people," says Schwartz.
Town officials say they have no record of the camp and that the concept "goes against common sense."