Car dealers say low supply of semiconductor chips may make cars harder to find

Drivers have been hurt by higher prices at the pump, partially because of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 
Now, that war could hurt people on the road in a different way. Car dealers say it could make it even harder to find the semiconductor chips that have already been in low supply because of the pandemic. This is because Russia and Ukraine supply a lot of the materials that make those chips. 
Mark Schienberg, president of the Greater New York Auto Dealers Association, says it's even been hard to find cars to show at the International Auto Show at the Javits Center next month. 
"Really going to make inventory a lot, lot less available, which is going to raise prices on these cars again, which is going to raise prices on these cars again," he says. 
There is some good news - those trying to sell their used cars could get more than its actual value just because there's such a need for cars.