Cardi B visits Newburgh Armory

Cardi B was in Orange County this week to visit the Newburgh Armory, a community center. 
"Hey guys, it's your girl Cardi B, and I'm telling you if your kid's having problems reading, please bring your kids to the Newburgh Armory," the rapper says in a video on the Armory's Instagram page. 
The Armory says a friend of Cardi's works there and has shared the work the organization has done in the community.
Cardi was so impressed that a visit has been in the works since last year.
Just before Christmas, she met with kids and handed out toys with help from Toys for Tots.
She also learned more about the Armory, which has 650 kids registered in 34 different programs every Saturday.
In the Instagram video, Cardi advocates for the Armory's mission to have kids read on grade level by the third grade.
It was a special visit that made the holidays a bit brighter for families in Newburgh.