Cars abandoned in Bronx River Parkway flooding pile up at A & J Towing

Willy Mulvaney, the owner of A & J Towing, says his company towed at least 50 abandoned cars this weekend after Bronx River Parkway flooded.
He said his company has a contract with Westchester County to tow vehicles off of the parkway.
"Abandoned, disabled, accident, impound...when the police call, we go," Mulvaney said. "There was no game plan, we get there, start picking cars [as] you can. Basically, we went through the night, just did what we could, when we could," Mulvaney said.
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Mulvaney said they towed the cars to his lot on Saw Mill River Road. He said the lot was so crowded with abandoned cars that he couldn't even drive through it this morning.
"This was like to the limit," Mulvaney said. "I don't think we could fit another car."
Mulvaney said most of the cars that they towed are damaged and not drivable anymore. However, Mulvaney said, drivers, like Christopher Myrie, have been stopping by the lot "nonstop" to assess their particular situation.
When News 12 asked Myrie what brought him to the lot, he said he came "to pick up my property out of the vehicle."
Myrie said there was not much left for him to recover because the vehicle was damaged.
Despite the devastation, Mulvaney said his company is willing to assist these drivers as they figure out what to do with their damaged cars.
"If they have no insurance, junk them, tow them to their house or prepare for the insurance company to come take them," he said.
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