Case of the giggles: 2 Mount Vernon HS seniors go viral for blood drive announcement

Two Mount Vernon High School students recently went viral on TikTok for getting a case of the giggles during a school announcement about a blood drive.
Seniors Margelis Valdez and Adreana Howlett have a passion for nursing and are even studying in the field at the high school level right now.
They posted the announcement on TikTok, which has garnered over 19 million views and more than three million likes. Several celebrity pages have also posted Valdez and Howlett’s announcement, including Emmy-nominated actor Pedro Pascal on Instagram.
"At first, we kind of thought we were going to have a little confidence, like we were going to eat it up,” said Valdez. “But then as soon as the microphone came on, we just got so nervous. Alright, it's live, everyone's hearing it! Everyone was laughing in the classroom, even the teachers were like this is the best announcement ever."
Students in the school’s nursing program will assist in another blood drive this spring.