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Caution urged to avoid being tricked by drug-laced candy this Halloween

Some officials are warning parents to keep a closer eye on their children's candy this year over concerns about what drugs that look like candy.

News 12 Staff

Oct 25, 2022, 9:22 PM

Updated 570 days ago


Some officials are warning parents to keep a closer eye on their children's candy this year over concerns about what drugs that look like candy.

"Parents of children 7 to 17 and everything in between have to be vigilant this Halloween," says Ellen Morehouse, of Westchester Coalition for Drugs and Alcohol Free Youth. "They need to check the wrapper, and it needs to be from a company that they know of."
Photos from a recent drug bust in the Bronx reveal that about 300,000 fentanyl pills in different colors were seized - it's the variety of colors some fear could camouflage as candies.
"Under no circumstances should they allow their children to eat candy that is unwrapped or isn't in a commercially wrapped package," says Morehouse. She says it's not just fentanyl parents should worry about."
They have to worry about candies being infused with THC, that's the active ingredient in marijuana, and other substances as well," she says. 
Parents should take extra time to be precautious. It's also important to communicate with your children, especially before they dive into that big bag of Halloween candy.
"Honey, I really want you to be safe and healthy and to have fun, so let's wait till you get home and we'll go through all the candy together, and then we'll decide what's safe and what can be harmful," Morehouse suggests. 
Contact Poison Control at 800-221-2222 if something seems off.

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