Celebrating National Meatball Day

By Alexa Santos, Digital Producer
National Meatball Day is March 9. 
To celebrate, News 12 got some meatball-making tips from the executive chef at Quality Italian in Manhattan. 
Quality Italian's meatballs are made with filet mignon, which executive chef Nick Gaube says is a unique choice. 
"Typically people make meatballs with veal, pork, and/or beef," Gaube says. "We use filet because it really allows us to highlight the ingredients that we put into it."
The filet mignon meatballs have been a big hit at Quality Italian. Gaube says, "Ever since we put these meatballs on the menu, we just cannot stop making them."
Gaube's tips for making your own meatballs are to use a fattier meat if possible, and not to over-mix them before you roll them up. 
"One of the most important things when making the meatball is you don’t want to over-mix it. You want to keep it as light as possible," he says.