Charitable organization ABC Food Tours gives back to local students

Tyler Cameron of recent "The Bachelorette" fame and his best friend, Matt James, are making a difference for young students in the New York area. 
Their charitable organization ABC Food Tours, hosts field trips that take young students to facilities in their communities. The trips have an emphasis on food and fitness. 
Emily Morocho, a fifth-grader from P.S. 24 in Sunset Park, was on a recent "food tour." She said, “It was really cool, and I hope I get to make this trip once again.”
Morocho's teacher, Julia Masi, said, "This to them was like a vacation. This is better for them than anything that they ever thought they were going to do during summer school.”
James and Cameron say the inspiration for ABC Food Tours came from a youth mentorship program they were involved in during college. 
Cameron said, “It’s been evolving ever since, and now we’re here working with the kids and just having a great time.”
The founders want to continue to grow ABC Food Tours, and make many more lasting impacts. 
For more information on the organization: click here