City officials propose 4 new Metro-North stations in the Bronx to cut down on travel time, cost

Four new Metro-North stations may be coming to the Bronx, and city officials say the goal is to cut down on travel time for people in the east Bronx and other nearby counties.
The Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation is pushing for the stations to be built in Parkchester, Hunts Point, Morris Park and Co-op City. The stations would provide new rail transportation options to about 160,000 Bronx residents who live within one mile of them.
The stations will make access to Penn Station easier for Bronx residents, and will cost less money to get them across town. Marlene Citron, of the BOEDC, says the change would get commuters from Co-op City to Penn Station in less than 40 minutes.
Citron says now that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has addressed and backed up the proposal in his State of the State address, it's up to funding from the Legislature to make this vision come true. The proposal will be up for consideration in January.