Clarkstown sued for removal of political signs from public and private properties

Clarkstown removed all signs posted on public rights of way, and now the town is being hit with a lawsuit.
Workers collected hundreds of signs from public property because Clarkstown officials said they were illegally placed. Joseph Brady Amoon claims the town took down political signs placed along New Clarkstown Road. Amoon says it?s his property and he put an easement on the property in 1997 so that he can place any signs he wants at the location. Amoon says his signs were targeted because of the political party he is favoring not because of their placement. The suit also names Clarkstown Supervisor Alex Gromack.
An attorney for the town says the allegations that the signs were removed because Amoon was supporting candidates that were not being supported by Gromack is a surprise. However, the suit has been filed and will have to go to court.
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