Clouds and rain can’t stop spirit of adventure

A cloudy day with the chance of rain in the Hudson Valley shouldn’t wash away your zest for adventure.
In fact, today’s Road Trip: Close to Home takes you on an action-packed quest that even the weather can’t ruin!
“Perk up” that gloomy day by heading to Caffe Ammi Roasting Company in Pelham. They offer endless choices of hand-crafted coffee, sourced from all over the world. From pumpkin spice lattes to muffins and croissants, everything you see there is made fresh every day. 
Then it’s time to strap on those bowling shoes and throw strikes at Homefield Bowl in Yonkers. 
With 32 lanes protected with plexiglass, Homefield Bowl allows bowlers to play safely. Workers say the bowling balls and shoes are sanitized regularly. “Anybody can do it at any time, there’s air conditioning in the summer, there’s heat in the winter — with a roof over our heads, it doesn’t depend on the weather,” says manager Michael Limekiller.
Great indoor adventure also climbs to new heights at the Rock Club in New Rochelle. 
 “We have auto-belays which are machines you clip into and lower down, we have bouldering which is climbing on shorter walls, and you can get an appointment with one of our instructors, who will hold the ropes for you so you can try some of the other walls,” says Daniel Gruza, the assistant gym director and The Rock Club.
Gruza says just call ahead to book a time slot and work your way to the top. “Really we have people of all shapes and sizes that’s one of the great parts. You don’t have to be like a fitness god, you just have to be someone who is willing to give it a try and learn a couple of things.”