Compromise struck on subway work near school

(05/05/08) THE BRONX ? The fears of concerned parents over an MTA subway renovation project have resulted in a compromise.
Parents grew concerned when they saw men in masks working behind tape that reads: ?Danger ? lead paint.? Children cross the area, located at Westchester Avenue and Parker Street, on their way to P.S.M.S. 194 every day.
?As a parent of an asthmatic child I?m quite concerned about emissions from paint fumes the children are exposed to,? says parent Cynthia Figueroa.
An MTA supervisor on the site said although old paint at the site does contain lead, any danger would be contained behind the warning tape. However, due to parents? concerns, the MTA has agreed only work near the school on weekends and holidays, when classes aren?t in session.
Parents say they are happy with that compromise.