Con Edison crews in Westchester proactively trim trees ahead of storm

Con Edison teams are trimming dead and diseased trees across Westchester amid concerns that they might topple, potentially causing damage to utility poles and power lines.
A spokesperson from Con Edison confirmed they have been proactively tree trimming in neighborhoods such as Delancey Avenue in Mamaroneck as soon as they got word of the impending storm.
Given the saturated ground due to recent snow, officials highlight the increased risk of trees toppling over due to loosened soil around their roots. Con Edison anticipates outages but believes proactive tree trimming significantly aids in managing these outages. Additionally, they have standby mutual aid crews at Rye Playland, brought in from various parts of the country to assist in power restoration.
The tree trimming initiative is an ongoing, year-long project conducted on a three-year cycle, covering every street in Westchester County.
"Every three years, you will see us around every street at that time, addressing regrowth, pruning, and removing dead or decaying trees," said Ryan Teichs, an operating supervisor at Con Edison.
Despite the rainfall, Con Edison crews intend to continue tree trimming operations until 7 p.m. or until the storm intensifies.