Concern grows over contact tracing backlog in Orange County

There's growing concern in Orange County over a contact tracing backlog as new cases of COVID-19 spike.
A 37-year-old Orange County woman says the doctor who called her with results said the tracers are so backed up that he'd be surprised if they even get to her.
Orange County officials say contact tracing is a joint effort between local and state health departments. Officials say tracers are overwhelmed with the dramatic surge in cases.
Other News 12 viewers shared similar experiences. One viewer wrote that she had COVID-19 in November, was contacted by the health department and when she called the number back no one could find her information.
Some say more tracers are needed, but county officials say the health department is shifting its efforts to vaccinations.
Critics say the vaccine shouldn't be considered the only solution.
A representative for the state says local health departments are primarily responsible to contact trace and that New York has invested over $30 million to help aid those investigations.