Cops find unique hiding place for drugs in Thruway traffic stop

Three people are facing major drug charges Thursday after police say they found a secret stash of drugs and cash in a car during a traffic stop on the NYS Thruway in Clarkstown.
Police say they originally pulled over the car for speeding Wednesday. However, they say after investigating further they found plastic bags filled with drugs in the air filter under the hood of the car. Police say with the help of a drug-sniffing dog, they discovered about $35,000 worth of cocaine and about $25,000 worth of heroin. Police also say they found cash hidden in a secret compartment in the trunk and another bag of cash in the front seat.
Forty-one-year-old Vicente Rodriguez, of Utica, 41-year-old Eusebia Crespo, of Philadelphia, and 29-year-old Juan Garcia, of Yonkers, are charged with criminal drug possession.