County Executive Day says Rockland received only 200 vaccines out of the 2,000 requested

Tuesday was a bittersweet day for essential workers who were happy to receive their COVID-19 vaccine.
The essential workers learned that Rockland County was only resupplied with 200 doses from the state.
"I mean it was nice to get it, but I know there was a lot of other people who could use it but working here I was glad to get it," says Rockland County employee Tony Powell.
The county requested 2,000 doses from the state after administering 1,000 doses last week in only three days.
"We wanted to get 2,000 because we'd be done in a week" says Rockland County Executive Ed Day. "A weekly supply of 2,000 and we're not getting that."
Day says hospitals are receiving doses directly from the state and pharmacies receive them from the federal government. He says no one gives specifics to the county about how many doses have been administered.
"We found out the other day ShopRite in Pearl River had 100 doses and we had no idea so there's a lack of information," says Day.
An issue about to get worse as the state Tuesday opened vaccinations to those 65 and older and immunocompromised following new guidance from the CDC.
"How do you say seven million people are eligible and then on the other hand say we only have 300,000 dosages per week," says Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
People getting vaccinated on the front lines say they hope supply catches up with demand.