Cousins of Parkland victim pushes ‘Alyssa’s Law’ to mitigate mass shooting death tolls

A Rockland family who lost a cousin in the Parkland, Florida school shooting is pushing for a new law in New York to mitigate mass shooting death tolls. 
Jordan and Jayden Turner are both cousins of Alyssa Alhadeff, one of the 17 students who had her life snatched from her in 2018.
The school shooting in Texas on Tuesday brought an unwelcome familiarity of anguish. This time, 14 children and a teacher were killed in the shooting. 
Alyssa's Law, the legislation the family has been advocating for, just passed the senate Monday. It was named after the Turner's cousin, Alyssa Alhadeff.
The law aims to minimize police response time to school mass shootings in hopes of saving more lives. It would require a silent panic alert system at schools to secretly link directly to first responders and local law enforcement.
This would happen without the shooter's knowledge at a time when every second counts.
The law is gaining traction. It already passed in Florida and in New Jersey. In New York, it's still in the works. The law now heads to the Assembly, then to Gov. Kathy Hochul's office.