COVID survivor donates original artwork to hospital that saved his life

A Rockland County man, who narrowly survived his battle with COVID-19 last year, is donating three pieces of his art to the very hospital that helped save his life.
Abraham Miller, a former businessman and music composer, came down with COVID last year and spent more than three months at Westchester Medical Center. He fell into a coma for 100 days with a 5% chance to live.
The 70-year-old Monsey man says he was on the cusp of death for weeks on end. His doctors say it's miraculous that he's here today and better than he was prior to COVID-19.
During his recovery and challenging rehabilitation, Miller pivoted to painting to help cope with the impact of his near death experience.
Miller says he didn’t have any experience as a painter and that he draws his inspiration from within and from his background as a composer.
He says the first brush stroke starts with the hum of a tune. Once a painting is done, the buyer of a painting can request a copy of the paired tune as a way to emulate the same feelings that Miller gets as he creates it.  "Today I feel 100% like I was and I have more energy than I have ever had. I painted 500 paintings in such a short period of time"
He tells News 12 he'll get up in the middle of the night with an unexplainable urge to put his feelings to the canvas.
These paintings go for hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and he donates a lot of the proceeds right back to where it all started to help those battling the same fight he's overcome.